Galanthus List

Galanthus list of our current collection we grow. Cultivars and species 2018 / 2019

Galanthus marked with Yes are available,more might be available during spring, we will email our updated list on your request .

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Name of SnowdropAvailable?PricePrice
Galanthus Abingtong GreenYes10
Galanthus Ailwynyes20
Galanthus Alison Hileryyes15
Galanthus Amy Doncasteryes25
Galanthus AngeliqueNo
Galanthus Anglesey AbbeyNo
Galanthus Anne of Geiersteinyes20
Galanthus Armineyes6
Galanthus Atkinsii Moccas Form yes10
Galanthus "Atkinsii"Yes6
Galanthus AugustusYes10
Galanthus Aunt AgnesNo
Galanthus Backhouse Spectaclesyes12
Galanthus Ballerinayes 15
Galanthus Barbara`s DoubleNo
Galanthus Barnesyes10
Galanthus Belle de WallonieYes35
Galanthus Benhall BeautyYes!2
Galanthus Benton Magnetyes10
Galanthus Bertram Andersonyes12
Galanthus Bessyes12
Galanthus Betty Hanselyes40
Galanthus Big Boyyes55
Galanthus "Big Eyes "Yes40
Galanthus Bill Bishopyes15
Galanthus BittonYes 10
Galanthus Blewbury Tartyes9
Galanthus Blonde Ingeyes20
Galanthus BloomerNo
Galanthus Bobette elwyes15
Galanthus Bolu Shadesyes10
Galanthus Bowles large formNo
Galanthus Brechin CastleNo
Galanthus Brenda Troyleyes5
Galanthus BunchNo
Galanthus Byfield specialyes10
Galanthus Castle GreenNo
Galanthus CastlegarNo
Galanthus Catherine Mc CaulyNo
Galanthus Cedrics Prolificyes10
Galanthus Chantry Green Twinsyes35
Galanthus Chedworthyes12
Galanthus Chequersyes20
Galanthus "Christine " Reg olg .Subsp Vernalis Yes15
Galanthus Christmas wish Niv Ex J.RuksansNo
Galanthus chrome Yellowyes45
Galanthus Cicely HallNo
Galanthus Cinderdineyes12
Galanthus Cinderellano
Galanthus Cliff CurtisNo
Galanthus Colossusyes12
Galanthus Cometyes10
Galanthus Compton courtyes15
Gal "Compton Green Eye"Yes20
Galanthus Coolballintaggertyes10
Galanthus Cordeliayes15
Galanthus Cornwoodyes12
Galanthus Cotswold BeautyNo
Galanthus Courteen Hallyes18
Galanthus Cowhouse greenNo
Galanthus Crème AnglaiseYes30
Galanthus Crimean EmeraldNo
Galanthus Cross Eyesyes20
Galanthus CurlyNo
Galanthus DaglingworthNo
Galanthus Dame Margot fonteynNo
Galanthus Danube StarNo
Galanthus Daphne`s ScissorsNo
Galanthus David Bakeryes25
Galanthus David Shackletonyes 9
Galanthus Deer slot No
Galanthus Devon MarbleNo
Galanthus Diggoryyes25
Galanthus Ding Dongyes20
Galanthus Dionysusyes8
Cultivars Dionysus
Galanthus Donald Sims Earlyyes10
Galanthus Doncaster double charmer Yes!5
Galanthus Drei OhrenNo
Galanthus Dreycott Greentipyes10
Galanthus Drummonds GiantNo
Galanthus Dumpy DentonYes10
Galanthus DymockNo
Galanthus E.A. BowlesNo
Galanthus Early to RizeYes25
Galanthus Ediths EdithNo
Galanthus EiskristallNo
Galanthus Elfinyes10
Galanthus Eliot HodgkinNo
Galanthus Elles DreamNo
Galanthus Elmley LovettNo
Galanthus Elwesiiyes3
elwesii Yvonne Hay
Galanthus Emerald IsleNo
Galanthus Envyyes30
Galanthus EpiphanyNo
Galanthus Ermine Houseyes15
Galanthus Ermine SpikeyNo
Galanthus ErwayYes12

Galanthus Faith Steward -LibertyYes30
Galanthus Faringdon DoubleNo
Galanthus Fatty PuffNo
Galanthus Fensted EndNo
Galanthus Fieldgate Superbyes20
Galanthus Fieldgate TiffanyYes
Galanthus Fiona`s GoldNo
Galanthus Flocon de NeigeNo
Galanthus Flora plenayes3
Galanthus Fly FishingNo
Galanthus Florence Bakeryes15
Galanthus Forge DoubleNo
Galanthus FosteriNo
Galanthus Francesca de Grammondyes40
Galanthus Franz JosefNo
Galanthus Fred`s Giant yes10
Galanthus FrodoNo
Galanthus G 71yes10
Galanthus GabrielYes20
Galanthus GaladrielNo
Galanthus Galateayes10
Galanthus Grave concernNo
Galanthus Gerard ParkerNo
Galanthus GimliNo
Gal .
Galanthus Ginns Imperariyes10
Galanthus GlasloughYes20
Galanthus GloriaYES 30
Galanthus Godfrey OwenNo
Galanthus Gracilis High downNo
Galanthus Gracilis Victor HortonNo
Galanthus Gray`s ChildNo
Galanthus Green ArrowNo
Galanthus Green BrushNo
Galanthus Green Comet Yes20
Galanthus Green fieldsyes8
Galanthus Green HayesNo
Galanthus Green Lightyes16
Galanthus Green Manyes18
Galanthus Green Teethyes13
Galanthus GreenfinchNo
Galanthus GreenishNo
Galanthus Grumpyyes25
Galanthus Grune OsternYes40
Galanthus Hambutts OrchardNo
Galanthus Handelyes10
Galanthus Hans Guck in Die luftNo
Galanthus Happy New YearNo
Galanthus Haydnyes10
Galanthus Heffalumpyes10
Galanthus Henrys white LadyNo
Galanthus Hill PoeNo
Galanthus Hippolytayes8
Galanthus Hobson`s ChoiceYes17
Galanthus "Hoggets Round "Yes20
Galanthus Horst KaufmanNo
Galanthus " Huttlestone "Yes30
Galanthus IcicleNo
Galanthus Imbolcyes10
Galanthus Irish GreenNo
Galanthus "Ivy Cottage Corporal"Yes10
Galanthus Ivy Cottage CorporalYes15
Galanthus Izegemno
Galanthus James BackhouseYes8
Galanthus JaquenettaNo
Galanthus Jennifer HewittYes30
Galanthus Jessicayes15
Galanthus John Grayyes12
Galanthus John LongNo
Galanthus Jonathan no
Galanthus Joshua JansenNo
Galanthus Jubilee GreenYes 25
Galanthus June boardmanNo
Galanthus KettonNo
Galanthus KildareNo
Galanthus KiteNo
Galanthus Kyre Parkyes15
Galanthus Lac de BalcereNo
Galanthus LagodechechianusNo

Galanthus Lady Beatrice StanleyNo
Galanthus Lady ElphinstoneYes10
Galanthus Lady MooreNo
Galanthus Lambrook Greensleavesyes10
Galanthus LapwingYes15
Galanthus Laviniayes8
Cultivars Lavinia
Galanthus LegolasNo
Galanthus Lerindayes6
Galanthus Limetreeyes8
Cultivars Limtree
Galanthus Little Benyes20
Galanthus Little DancerYes20
Galanthus Little JohnNo
Galanthus LodestarYes20
Galanthus Long dropNo
Galanthus LongstoweYes10
Galanthus Looking aroundNo
Galanthus Lord LieutenantYes20
Galanthus Lord MonostictusNo
Galanthus Louise Ann BromleyYes20
Galanthus LowicNo
Galanthus MadeleineNo
Galanthus MagnetYes5
Galanthus Maidwell LYes10
Galanthus Major PamNo
Galanthus ."Margaret BiddulphNo
Galanthus Marjorie BrownYes10
Galanthus Marks TallNo
Galanthus Marlie RaphaelNo
Galanthus Melanie BroughtonYes15
Galanthus MerindocNo
Galanthus MerlinYes12
Galanthus Mighty AtomNo
Galanthus Millers LateYes12
Galanthus Modern ArtYes 10
Galanthus Monostictus Var G HandelYes15
Galanthus MordredYes 40
Galanthus Moses BasketNo
Galanthus Mrs Backhouse nr 12Yes6
Galanthus Mrs Mc NamaraNo
Galanthus Mrs ThompsonNo
Galanthus MunchkinYes15
Galanthus NarrengesichtNo
Galanthus NarwalYes25
Galanthus Natalie GartonYes20
Galanthus Neill FrazerYes6
Galanthus Nivalis Flora Pleno Easter Paradeyes8
Galanthus NoaleneNo
Galanthus Nutts EarlyYes18
Galanthus OctopussyNo
Galanthus One Drop Or Twoyes25
Galanthus Opheliayes10
G. 'Ophelia' at Cresson's
Galanthus Oreana ex Janis RuksansYes15
Galanthus OrletonYes16
Galanthus Paddy`s KettonNo
Galanthus Peg Sharplesyes10
Galanthus Penelope Annyes15
Galanthus Percy Pictonyes10
Galanthus PerigrinNo
Galanthus PeshmeniiNo
Galanthus Peter Gatehouseyes10
Galanthus Petit File de FlandreNo
Galanthus PhantomasNo
Galanthus Platyphyllus Alain JacksonNo
Galanthus Plicatus Augustusyes10
Galanthus Plicatus ByzantinusNo
Galanthus Plicatus self seed Scotland Ian ChristyNo
Galanthus Prague spring Yes 50
Galanthus Pride`O the millyes15
Galanthus Primrose Warburgyes20
Galanthus Pusey GreentipsNo
Galanthus Ray cobbNo
Galanthus Regina Olgae Early re ex Janis ruksansNo
Galanthus Regina Olgae Forma CalabriaNo
Galanthus Regina Olgae VernalisNo
Galanthus Remember RememberNo
Galanthus Rev Hailstoneyes15
Galanthus Richard Ayresyes15
Galanthus Richard Blackeway Phillipsyes35
Galanthus Richard HandscombeNo
Galanthus Rizehensis Margaret BillingtonNo
Galanthus RizehensisNo
Galanthus Robin Hoodyes12
Galanthus Robyn Janeyyes20
Galanthus Rodmarton ArcturusNo
Galanthus Rodmarton CapellaYes15
Galanthus Rodmartonyes18
Galanthus Roger`s roughyes10
Galanthus Ruby BakerNo
Galanthus Ruth Birchallyes25
Galanthus Saint Anne`sNo
Galanthus Sally Pasmoreyes12
Galanthus SamsiseNo
Galanthus Samuel Arnottyes8
Galanthus Seagullyes20
Galanthus "Selborne Green TipsYes15
Galanthus Selina cords Sharlockiiyes15
Galanthus Sentinelyes17
Galanthus Sharlockiiyes10
Galanthus Sharlokii from wild ArdennesNo
Galanthus Sibbertoft MagnetYes10
Galanthus Sibbertoft ManorNo
Galanthus sickleNo
Galanthus Silverwellsyes10
Galanthus Sir Herbert Maxwellyes10
Galanthus SnogerupiiNo
Galanthus Snow whiteNo
Galanthus Sophie NorthNo
Galanthus South HayesNo
Galanthus Spindelstone surpriseyes20
Galanthus Spring GreensNo
Galanthus Spriteyes15
Galanthus StraffanNo
Galanthus Sutton courtYes10
Galanthus Sutton Courtenayyes20
Galanthus TatianaNo
Galanthus The brideNo
Galanthus The PearlNo
Galanthus Three ShipsNo
Galanthus Tilebarn JamieYes10
Galanthus Tiny Timyes5
Galanthus Titania Superbyes10
Galanthus TranscaucasicusNo
Galanthus Three leavesyes10
Galanthus Trymmingyes25
Galanthus Trimposteryes30
Galanthus Trumpsyes25
Galanthus Trymyes25
Galanthus Trymletyes25

Galanthus Tubby Merlinyes10
Galanthus Upcheryes10
Galanthus Vertigo No
Galanthus ViridapicesNo
Galanthus WalrusNo
Galanthus Wandleburry RingYes 35
Galanthus Warham RectoryNo
Galanthus Warhamyes5
Galanthus Warwickshire GeminiNo
Gal Washfield ColesboroughNo
Galanthus Washfield Warhamyes10
Galanthus Waspyes20
Galanthus Wendys GoldNo
Galanthus White DreamsNo
Galanthus White SwanNo
Galanthus White WingsNo
Galanthus WichwoodNo
Galanthus William ThompsonNo
Galanthus Wonston Doubleyes10
Galanthus WoodpeckersNo
Galanthus WoodtownNo
Galanthus YaffleNo
Galanthus Yvonne Hayyes25
elwesii Yvonne Hay
Galanthus Zwanenburgyes7
Galanthus Corkscrew GracilisYes 20
Galanthus Ron Ginn`sYes12
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