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Galanthus list of our current collection we grow. Cultivars and species 2014 / 2015

Galanthus marked with Yes are available,more might be available during spring,we will email our updated list on Your request .

Please note !!!- before You  order snowdrops from the store please contact me for availability as some are in short supply, and I email You by return.

Description Price
Galanthus Abbington Green  G. Elw  Rounded ovary ,wide spreading segments leaves super-volute attractive spreading Outer segments broad well splayed,revealing inner marking .
Galanthus Ailwyn  Very early flowering,with perfectly Symmetrical outer petals,Ailwin is Arguable one of the most perfect of all G.Elwesii double flowered snowdrops.
Galanthus Augustus An attractive globular flower, this plicate has dimpled petals. Named by Amy Doncaster for E.A.Bowles.
Galanthus Angelina  One of the most beautiful G. Nivalis  varieties of all Large outer periants segments with strong green markings
Galanthus Alison Hilary  Distinctive upright single,Leaves arching Gloucescent ,outer segments slender strongly clawed Inner segments tubular ,Good X or H mark across tree quarters of segment,diffusing towards base.
Galanthus Amy Doncaster  One of the loveliest known varieties of Gal. Plic .Outer periants segments with six green stripes at the tip end.
Galanthus Angelique Introduced from France in 1999 by Mark Brown.A remarkable introduction at the time and one that has lost none of its charm since, tough its naming is very poignant commemorating as it does a young life cut short
Galanthus Anglesy Abbey Found by Graham Thomas at Anglesey Abbey. The flowers show a strong tendency to ‘poculiform’ i.e. the inner segments have little or no green shading on them. The whole flower thus appears white against the dark green leaves.
Galanthus Anne of Geierstein  Yes Few Segment mark is a dark green boomerang ,and the rounded outer are remarkably thick textured and stiff.There is a certain romance about this variety wich has been around that long ,especially when named for Walter Scott heroine.  € 10.00
Galanthus Armine  Yes Galanthus Armineseen even when the flower is not fully opened. These markings consist of an apical horseshoe and a green balloon-lettering ‘X’ at the base.
Raised by Brigadier and Mrs Mathias and first offered by the Giant Snowdrop Company in 1962.
 € 5.00
Galanthus Art Noveau  A charming snowdrop with soft ,green markings and long,outer tepals with pale green lines towards the tips .
Galanthus Augustus plic A very distinct plicate form, with short broad leaves and shapely rounded flowers well puckered in their texture. It increases well for us in a quite deep shade and has the reputation for needing regular division. Named by the late Amy Doncaster who was given it by “Gussie” Bowles.
Galanthus Benhal Beauty  Avery early flowering hybrid mutch admired for the striking blue tinge to it foliage.A seedling from the garden of John Gray.
 Galanthus Babraham Scented Semi Double  Well shaped semi Double flowers. Outer segmentsBroad bluntly pointed. Good perfume Robin and joan Grout 1985
Galanthus Backhouse Spectackles Hybr Cult  Undistinguished snowdrop. Similar to G, Atkinsii flowering same time, early Probely raised by Robert Ormston Backhouse Sutton Court.  c. 1950
Galanthus Bertram Anderson A.M.(1996) Selected from the garden of E.B.Anderson after his dead by Chris Brickell and Eliot Hodgkin in 1971.the earliest flowering snowdrop of the G.”Mighty Atom” complex and one of the most impressive large snowdrops
Galanthus Barnes  Yes Elwesii .Flowers large well shaped,rounded long lasting.Leaves supervolute,braod,erect,glaucus,developed at flowering.Outer segmentslarge,rounded,inner segment clear. chinesebridge shaped mark.Light perfume  Oct -Nov  € 10.00
Galanthus Bess A beautiful large and vigorous clone which Daphne Chappell selected from the former garden of Helen Milford, and named after the late Bess Milford. The inner segments are longitudinally incurved, and show a broad V mark that is slightly turned up at the end of both arms.
Galanthus Bill Bishop This is an early flowering cultivar, of the G. Mighty Atom type. When the flower is expanded it is readily identified by its enormous, almost disproportionately longer outer segments. This actually makes the plant extremely elegant.
Galanthus Big Boy  Yes Few  Elwesii var Elwesii Beautiful and special Very large ,eye catching flowers. Alan Street at Finton-on-sea, Essex 1994  € 40.00
Galanthus Blewbury tart  Yes Few Nicely proportioned snowdrop which will create a fine display. Earlier to flower than Galanthus S. Arnott, but with the same neat flowers and attractive foliage.  € 10.00
Galanthus Blonde Inge Originally from near Cologne introduced in 1993,yellow marked tips to the inner petals contrast with the green over ovary the flower
Galanthus Bloomer  Yes Few  An opulent snowdrop with beautiful green markings on the inner periant sements . Very similar to Tubby merlin.
Gallanthus Bobette elw Large balloon like flowers,strong erect scapes. Leaves supervolute,erect arching.Broad grey introduction from the Netherlands 1990 s
Galanthus Bowles large  A plant attributed to E.A. Bowles. However the flower is actualyno larger than in the case of other G.Plicatus varieties
Galanthus Byzantinus This snowdrop occurs in a relatively small area in north western Turkey . It differs from G. plicatus by having two green marks on each inner segment.
Galanthus Brenda Troyle Yes An early-flowering hybrid in the ‘S.Arnott’ group. Vigorous andeasy. 20cm. Any soil in part shade. Late January-February.  € 5.00
Galanthus Byfield special  Yes Found by Andy Byfield and bulked up by Michael Barron at Brandy Mount, Alresford in the early 1990s. A good doer with slightly clawed outer petals and wide inner segments on a substantial quality flower in mid season  € 15.00
Galanthus Castle Green  Tiny plants.Large flowers,inflated spates.Leaves,paler median stripe.outer segments long,slender recurved margins,pointed at apex.Inner segments green mark apex to base,narrow white border
Galanthus Castlegar The flowers are simple and whilst substantial are perhaps not outstanding except that the flower about two months early, in mid December with us here. Bulbs from Irish origin
Galanthus Catherine Mc Cauly  A lovely snowdrop I got from my good friend Robert Miller from Altemond garden-center in Co Carlow fairly large late flowering Plicatus Thank You Robert !
Galanthus Celia Sawyer Hybr Cult  Attractive large triangular flowers. eaves semi-erect to arching,spreading glaucous. violet perfume .Early.John Grimshaw in University of Oxford Botanic Garden,1992 .Named for Celia Sawyer in charge of area
Galanthus Cedrics Prolific Yes Originally from the garden of Cedric Morris at Benton End and grown for many years by Beth Chatto. A distinct snowdrop with leaves that end in a distinct point. The flower has green tips and a long narrow, deep green V-shaped mark. Prolific and multiplies quickly. Good for colonizing large areas. Special.  € 10.00
Galanthus Christmas wish Niv Ex J.Ruksans  Yes Few A rare member of the Caucasian species complex, this has two narrow, bright green leaves below a small hanging white flower in January. The tips of the inner segments are each marked in green Despite recent ideas about these inter-related Caucasian species complex, I do not think that the last word has yet been said, nor sufficient research undertaken to accurately rename these Russian snowdrops.Whatever the outcome of classification studies, this remains a distinct and different species, arguably one of the best of the group. From the gardener’s point of view, the fact that it is readily grown and flowered without making too many rice-grain offsets, marks it out as desirable.Raised from material traceable to Vladikavkaz in the Caucasus Mountains.  € 10.00
Galanthus Cicely Hall A rare Irish special:really large flowers with a solid bottle green mark almost covering each inner segments.from what can become exceptional large bulbs.
Galanthus Cliff Curtis  Beautifully shaped,rounded flowers.Outer segments rounded,long claw,inner segments grooved,small green mark,sometimes joined,either side of large sinus,light green flush towards middle of segment
Galanthus Clare Blakeway Phillips Hybr cultivar. Large attractive flowers,shiny,bright lime green ovary.broad spreading green blue glaucus leaves.often two scapes when mature.
 Galanthus Collosus  A lovely tall,large,early –flowering snowdrop from colesbourne in Cloucestershire.Wide greenish laves with a grey central panel. Narrow dark inverted V-shaped marking on the inner segment
Galanthus Comet Large shapely flowers carried on a long, arching pedicel. The green markings on the outer segments vary considerably.
Galanthus Compton court
Galanthus Cross eyes  Attractive,slender flowers.Leaves broad,grey green.Outer segments,rounded,bluntly pointed,green marks at apex,horseshoe-shaped mark towards base often joined by pale green shadow.
Galanthus Coolballintaggert Yes While most snowdrops are small there are a few that reach 12 to 18 inches in flower. I grow the giant Galanthus ‘Coolballintaggart’ here in Co Tipperary and always get the attention from my Galantofile friends.  €10.00
Galanthus Cordelia Yes few Greatorex double. One of the taller members of the group that is not well known. It is a regular double, whose outermost whorl of inner segments is rarely aberrant. The markings on immature plants are completely different to the fully grown specimen.  €15.00
Galanthus Cornwood As confirmed in the Snowdrop “Bible” this is one of the best green tipped nivalis forms, quite tall with strong green markings on the outer segments. Found and given to Alan Street by Peter Glover from Delamore near Cornwood in Devon
Galanthus Chantry Green Twins  Attractive snowdrop with elegant , slender flowers. Mature scapes produce two perfect flowers leaves broad erect green .Wol and sue Staines Glen Chantry
Galanthus Chedworth Yes  Well shaped flowers.Outer segments rounded,bluntly pointed.Inner segments Good heart-shaped green mark at apex.Easy,free flowering bulks up well Jan _Feb. Daphne Chappell,1985 From Helen Milford`s garden, Gloucestershire. €12.50
Galanthus Cowhouse Green  Yes  Few A.M. (2002) A tallish virescent snowdrop with pale green shading on the outer segments and lovely soft diffuse markings to there inner segments. requires careful cultivation Rare  € 30.00
 Galanthus Cyril Warr
Galanthus Crimean Emerald
Galanthus Crincle Crankle  Not available new in collection  Round balloon like flowers,inflated spathes, outer segments very broad, rounded,longitudinally ridged,dimpled. inner segments inverted “V” at apex narrowly joining hearth shaped mark towards base .
Galanthus Curly Small hybrid with relatively big flowers GreenX on inner segments, some veining on outers.Fragrant.  € 20.00
Galanthus David Baker  Described as a green tipped G.Atkinsii but without the aberant segments.As the flowers mature the segments become re flexed to form a classic pagoda shape. Scarse and much in demand.
Galanthus Devon Marble  Not available new in collection  Elegant flowers Outer segments slender ,inner segments variable green inverted “V”, at apex rounded ends paler marking channeling towards base
Galanthus Daphne`s Scissors  A very graceful form of G. Elwes with a mark on the inner petals resembling a pair of scissors and a green streak on the outer tepals. Found by Helen Milford in Chedworth.
Galanthus David Shackleton A valuable late flowering plant with fine, rather statuesque upright pale foliage. The smooth pristine flowers have a distinctive olive-green ovary and inner segment marking. From David Shackleton, Clonsilla, Co. Dublin.
 Galanthus Danube Star  Nivalis Pouculiform Group.Syn, G. Hololeucus . Elegant, delicate looking poculiform.Rounded flowers with spreading segments.Outer and inner segments equal,all white textured. Professor Josef Weindlmayr Austria 1960
 Galanthus Desdemona  Good vigorous,irregular Greatorex Double.Largest of the group.Leaves widely spreading,two or tree,flat explicative.Outer segments occasionaly four,nipped and hooded at apex.Inner segments good ruff with heart shaped mark.Increases well, Early
Galanthus Diggory A.M.(2009) perennially one of the most desirable of all snowdrops. the outer segments remain tucked under even as the flower matures and expandes giving this snowdrop its unique and instantly recognisable shape
Galanthus Dodo Northon  Hybr Cultivar.Smallplants,large wel textured flowers,leaves semi erect lightly explicative margins,glaucesent ,inner segments wide inverted “U” to “V” at apex
Galanthus Dionysus yes A Greatorex double and historically confusing. The modern stock is thought to originate from R.D.Trotter. Occasionally will throw single or semi-double flowers.  €3.50
Galanthus  Doncast Double Sharlock  Syn. G. Sharlockii Flore Pleno Curious untidy DoubleSpate erect,split. Leaves apllanate,semi erect.Amy Doncaster`s Garden
Galanthus Ding Dong Please read Matt Bishop’s entry in snowdrops to find out how this one got named, but it is distinct and well marked on the inner segments and flowers in early January
Galanthus Dreycott Greentip slender,green tipped flowers Foliose spathe tending towards scharlockii. Leaves applanate erect,blue -green. Outer segments green mark at apex.inner segments inverted green “V” at apex rounded ends.Vigorous .Increases well
Galanthus Donald Sims early  Good, reliable ,leaves supervolute,erect,palegreen,glaucus,well developed and flowering Bulks up well.early November Stock from Sir Frederick  Stern`s Garden.
Galanthus Drummonds Giant Yes Few G. elwesii „Drummonds Giant? a cultivar discovered locally in Co Carlow by keen observant gardener Stasia O’Neill. This cultivar has large broad mid green leaves.  €10.00
Galanthus Dumpy Denton Smaller snowdrop  with well rounded flowers on erect scapes, leaves broad grey green . 10 cm
Galanthus Elfin A diminutive snowdrop of 7.5cm approx. It is prolific and has proportionately short, fang –like outer segments, that have bold green apical markings. It usually flowers before the main flush of G. nivalis.
Galanthus  Edith  Yes /Few  Tall with large flowers.attractive foliage,leaves supervolute,very broad,grey -green.Outer segments long slender,bluntly pointed,inner segments good broad mark from apex towards base,narrow white margin.  €18.00
Galanthus Eliot Hodgkin  Beautiful large flowers,in G.Mighty Atom group.Leaves semi erect,explicative,glaucous. Outer segments well rounded,strongly clawed.Inner segments broad inverted “V” at apex.
Galanthus Emperor Augustus  Not available new in collection
Galanthus Elm 190
 Galanthus Edinburgh Ketton  A Superb snowdrop with large, well proportioned flowers. the inner markings resemble an H, but can be very variable .Not to be confused with Ketton  € €10.50
Galanthus Ermine House An excellent regular double with proportionately long outer segments. It usually shows separate apical and basal inner segments.
Galanthus Elwesii Lode Star  elwesii var elwesii  Upright Tall robust.well proportioned flowers,slender pedicels,leaves supervolute.Clumps up well.Richard Ayres, Anglesey Abbey
Galanthus Elwesii Two-marked flowers, grey green leaves, very variable in markingand flowering time. 20cm. Any soil in part shade. February. 20-30cm.  € 3.00
Galanthus Erway  Hybr Cultv Distinctive , very long , shiny olive green ovary . leaves semi erect , glaucous.Februari March . Netta Stathams Garden  <Erway,Shropshire. Appears closely to G.Ding Dong
Galanthus Elwesii Greentip  Yes Given the range in which G.elwesii is found – former Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey, it was only a matter of time before green-tipped examples were found, after all the other markings can be very variable. Broad-leaved, free flowering and garden worthy plants, and with small green tips a further enhancement on what is (for an elwesii form) a very big flower  €12.00
 Galanthus Elwesii Comet  A very large elwesii with distinctive markingsSome bulbs occasionaly produce flowers with delicate green lines on the tips of the outer periant segments  €.10.00
Galanthus Envy  Large flowers,slender Pedicels dark green overy Outer segments boat shaped,large green mark above apex.
Galanthus Fatty Puff  Large,rounded,dimpled flowers.outer segments broad,lightly ridged.Inner segments green mark either side of sinus,larger mark towards base
Galanthus ‘Faringdon Double’ RARE.  This snowdrop sometimes flowers at Christmas. Found by Ruby and David Baker at Faringdon Oxon. The large flower has regular inner segments with a bold heart shaped marking diffused towards the ovary.
Galanthus Fenstead End  Beautiful large flowers.Arching spate,leaves supervolute,long upright,inner segments in curved,slightly flared at apex,long broad dark green mark across segment,not to base,white margin Originated in Christopher Grey Wilson`s garden, Fenstead end.
Galanthus Fieldgate Superb  This late flowering variety is characterized by distinctive scissor like markings on the inner perianth segments and by its long ,outer petals.usual each bulb produces two flower stems.
Galanthus Fly fishing  Attractive G.Comet seedling .Exceptionally long scape Upright spate named for long pedicel suggesting fishing line
Galanthus Fiona`s Gold  A very attractive ,yellow G.Nivalis .Grows well and will reliable produce flowers with yellow markings,yellow ovary and pedicels

Galanthus Fred Giant


 elwesii var elwesii,Large flowers, tall scapes .leaves supervolute,broad ,glaucous. Numerous clones circulating under name , all originating from Cruikshank botanic Garden ,Aberdeen 1949
Galanthus Flora plena Yes We have a good clone of this double snowdrop witch is great to make a nice clump in time.  € 3.00
Galanthus Francesca De Gramond  Poculiformis Group – Attractive Poculiform with erect  scapes and very uniform,slender white segments
Galanthus Florence Baker Yes few Handsome, tall and early flowering, (Late December and into January) Wide, well developed leaves at the time of flowering. Good flower with deep green sinus mark. From a chalk pit at Owletts in Kent. €15.00
Galanthus Forge Double  Tiny Hybrid double immature flowers dominate.Leaves erect,well developed at flowering.A delightful miniature snowdrop witch originated in the garden of the late Richard Britten .Scarce .
Galanthus Fosteri –P256830 The leaves are broad and dark green. Apical and basal marks on the inner perianth. From Central and Southern Turkey.
Galanthus Gabriel Elw  Flowers large,elegant.Outer segments strongly clawed,re curving in warmth.Inner segments green heart shaped mark at apex . occasional second scape
Galanthus G 71
Galanthus Galatea Yes few The modern stock of this plant is worth growing, owing to the large shapely flowers. Similar to G.Magnet, but the v mark on the inner segment of G.Galatea is almost a perfect right angle (that of G.Magnet is of 70 degrees). Also usually shows a kink or bend in the pedicel behind the ovary.  € 10.00
Galanthus Galadriel  A very well proportioned,large variety of snowdrop with globular flower and, in most cases wo flower stalks. it originate from the gardens of “Beth Chatto”.
Galanthus Gerard Parker One of the best plicatus cultivars, strong, reliable, and quick to form clumps. When well grown the flowers can be immense, perhaps the largest of the species, appearing almost balloon like and further enhance d by the ridged and puckered texture of the outer segments. Any collection is incomplete with-out this cultivar. Limited numbers, so 1 per person.
Galanthus George Elwes  Yes Few  discovered in Colesbourneone of the finest,deep green.inside and a vigorous grower  € 15.00
Galanthus Ginns Imperari  Collected in central Italy by Robert Gathorne-Hardy. Similar to G. S. Arnott and G. Brenda Troyle. Makes a good strong garden plant.
Galanthus Godfrey Owen Handsome, tall and early flowering, (Late December and into January) Wide, well developed leaves at the time of flowering. Good flower with deep green sinus mark. From a chalk pit at Owletts in Kent.
Galanthus Gracilis Highdown  Yes Originated in the garden of Sir Fredrick Stern at Goring-on-Sea. Typically has rather narrow leaves often twisted, and bright, pale olive- green to yellow ovaries. Forms good clumps quickly and seeds around.  €8.50
Galanthus Gray`s Child  This snowdrop was found as a seedling by John Gray The inner markings consist of a clearly identiable X with two paler basal marks
Galanthus Green fields Yes Originating in a garden in Ireland where it was found by Leon Schofield; this was one of a number of snowdrops distributed by the giant snowdrop company A fine small growing plant with a lovely dark green heard shaped marking on the inner segments.  € 10.00
Galanthus Green Teeth Delicate looking flowers.Rounded,shiny bright-green overy. Leaves explicative,green paler median stripe.Outer segments long,boat shaped,inner segments flared.Green inverted “U” at apex.
Galanthus Green Brush elw One of the best green tipped G. elwesii of recent years with very strongly marked outer segments.
Galanthus Green Comet  Hybr Cultivar.Very large,attractive .Long pedicel.Flowers large . Leaves long,broad,grey green Inverted “U” at apex.Jhon Morley,North green Snowdrops
Galanthus Green Man  Yes Few A mid season flowering G. plicatus x nivalis hybrid with a bold X shaped marking on the inner segments fading towards the ovary which is long and oblong in shape. Correcting what it says in the Snowdrop ‘ Bible’ this is not an especially large flowered form.  €12.00
Galanthus Greatorex
Galanthus Grumpy  Elwesii vigorous wel shapedFlowers.Leaves supervolute arching ,grey green.Januari  Febr . Joe Sharman, in Sir Vivian Fuchs Garden, Cambridge  1990  € 15.00
Galanthus Hambutt`s  Orchard  A double G.Nivalis with a tendency to produce poculiform flowers.
Galanthus Headborn  Beautiful shaped flowers,long pedicels,leaves spreading,lightly explicative,glaucous. Outer segments longitudinally ridged,bluntly pointed.Inner segments deeply ridged,spreading inverted “V” at apex,narrow above sinus.
Galanthus Handel
Galanthus Haydn  Yes /Few This is a slender growing, gracile caucasicus selection, which makes a charming elongated, pure white snowdrop flower, with markings at the tip of the inner segments only.As with the other new forms this is most in character once it is fully established.  € 5.00
Galanthus Henry`s White lady  Yes Few  A vigorous,poculiflorum snowdrop with very large flowers,witch have no green markings whatsoever. Exceptionally beautiful.  €20.00
Galanthus Heffelump As a neat regular a double ,but having only tree outer segments.this gives quite different effect,and allows the two marks on the inner segments to be seen more readily.
Galanthus Hill Poe Late flowering double, where by the solid looking flower is tightly packed with inner segments that form a neat rosette. An old firm favorite. our stock is from poe`s house in Nenagh Riverston were it was found
Galanthus Hippolyta Yes Very early, this is an exquisite double with a good upright stance touch not overall tall, neat looking with broadly rounded outer petals  € 8.00
Galanthus Hyde Lodge.reginae-olgae subsp.reginae-olgae  Yes /Few  Tall,reliable,late Autumn chubby,rounded,leaves erect,short at flowering.Outer segments textures,lightly ridged. Inner segments green Chinese bridge mark at apex.Almond perfume.  €12.00
Galanthus Hobbsons choice Yes/Few A robust, vigorous selection and probably a hybrid between G Plicatus and G.Nivalis. found in the grounds of Anglesey Abbey by Richard Ayres  € 17.00
Galanthus Imbolc  Yes Although from the Mighty Atom stable this cultivar is distinguished by the separate basal marks usually found on the inner segments in addition to the typical broad V at the apex. Imbolc was the Celtic festival of Spring, named by the late Primrose Warburg, having been given it by E.B. Anderson.  € 10.00
Galanthus Icicle From Old Curt Nursery near Malvern, where Percy Picton was the owner (and who is remembered by the snowdrop of the same name). The plant gives the appearance of chubbiness with shorter leaves and flower stems, the flowers are large with well rounded and thick petalled outer segments which are very white
Galanthus Irish Green Weirdly upward facing and spikey in appearance, the green markings on the outer segments are quite variable are quite variable. It hails from County Wicklow and was found by Ruby and David Baker in 1994. Late to flower
Galanthus Ivone Haye- Syn Maximus  Yes Few  Once described by Aaron Davies as a monster: certainly it has large broad leaves,huge bulbs and not insubstantial flowers  € 25.00
Galanthus James Backhouse Yes Generally this is a large and robust snowdrop, which make a wonderful display due to its amazing constitution. being prolific, it bulks up extremely well and slowly colonises  € 6.00
Galanthus Jaquenetta Yes few A Greatorex double with beautiful symmetrical segments heavily marked with green.  € 12.00
Galanthus Jessica  Yes  few Found by Phil Cornish near Wroxall, Warwickshire in 1997. A fine form of G. elwesii with typically handsome broad, arched foliage and with green marked outer segments, not smudged – but looking as though they have been painted deliberately. Named after Phil’s wife, Jessica Cornish.  € 16.00
Galanthus Jenny Wren Hybrid Cult -Attractive Double ,smaller flowers.Leaves flat ,glaucous. Outer segments broad,rounded at apex,small green marks.Inner segments neat open ruff,either narrow”V”or two small marks at apex.
Galanthus John Gray A firm favorite. In the top 10 of any collectors snowdrops. Bottle green flowers on perfectly sculpted large generous flowers.
Galanthus John long very floriferous with beautiful large white flowers.Outer segments thick,rounded,longitudinally ridged,clawed,inner segments olive green inverted”U”at apex with two paler curving lines towards base.Usually two scapes
Galanthus Kencot Kali  Not available new in collection  Good looking snowdrop with well shaped flowers.Outer segments boat shaped  pointed. inner segments slightly waisted. broad green mark towards base . 15 cm
Galanthus Ketton  Yes An excellent regular double with proportionately long outer segments. It usually shows separate apical and basal inner segments.  € 9.00
Galanthus Kildare  Yes Few Long,narrow inner segments almost covered by a single mark,dark green at the apex fading to olive at the base;Quite tall when established,always scarce and rightly in demand,another of our Irish Snowdrops.  € 20.00
Galanthus Kite A twin–headed elwesii is rare indeed. This snowdrop regularly produces two flowers on separate pedicels from the same scape. G. Kite was a seedling selected by Oliver Wyatt from Maidwell Hall Northamptonshire.  €10
Galanthus Ladochechianus A rare member of the Caucasian species complex, this has two narrow, bright green leaves below a small hanging white flower in January. The tips of the inner segments are each marked in green.Despite recent ideas about these inter-related Caucasian species complex, I do not think that the last word has yet been said, nor sufficient research undertaken to accurately rename these Russian snowdrops.Whatever the outcome of classification studies, this remains a distinct and different species, arguably one of the best of the group. From the gardener’s point of view, the fact that it is readily grown and flowered without making too many rice-grain offsets, marks it out as desirable.Raised from material traceable to Vladikavkaz in the Caucasus Mountains.
Galanthus Lapwing  Yes Few A really good find of Phil Cornish’s in 1997 near the village of Lapworth, Gloucestershire. It has slightly bluish and glaucous foliage with middle sized, quite triangular flowers held away from the stem on an extended pedicel. The inner segment well marked. Very early, and a lovely simple snowdrop  € 16.00
Galanthus Lady Beatrice Stanley  Yes Possibly from the garden of Barbara Buchanan who brought bulbs from her mother’s garden (Lady Beatrix Stanley) at Sibbertoft. Small to medium in height, neat and tightly double. Increases quickly.  € 6.00
Galanthus Lady Elphinstone  yes Discovered in 1890 in Cheshire this is known as an irregular performer. in some circumstances it exhibits gorgeous apricot \yellow markings within the double flower, in other years the seem rather less impressive, no one really knows why  € 9.00
Galanthus Lambroke Greensleaves  Yes From East Lambrook Manor and found in the 1960s but only named in 2000, a shorter G. plicatus hybrid with exceptionally bright and shiny green leaves. The flowers are not unusual, just attractively simple, but the leaves are highly different  € 10.00
Galanthus Lavinia  yes Although similar to G. ‘Cordelia’, it differs in having on average six less inner segments and incurved inner segments.  € 8.00
Galanthus Lerinda  Yes Selected in 1970 by Ken Aslet formerly of Kew. January flowering with large flowers. Clumps up quickly.  € 10.00
Galanthus Limetree  Yes An Oliver Wyatt selected clone of G. Atkinsii. Is the original lost? Like a slim-looking G. Atkinsii. Discovered under a lime tree.  €10.00
Galanthus Little Ben  Yes/Few This large flowered plant was described by Matt Bishop as the finest member of the G.Mighty Atom complex. the large arching pedicel causes the whole scape to gently bend  € 30.00
Galanthus Little Dancer  Yes/Few One of the strangest oddities little dancer projects its normal looking flowers upwards from between the leaves on a very long dancing pedicel,it was found in 1995 by Phil Cornish at Yanworth Cloucestershire.  € 43.00
 Galanthus Little John  Found by Phil Cornish in 1992, in E.B. Anderson’s former garden. Tall robust hybrid with large smooth solid-looking flowers with straight pedicels. Pale glaucous foliage.
Galanthus Lord Lieutenant The flowers grow almost at a right angle to the stalk. the outer perianth segments are nicely ridged and stick out sharply,providing an excellent view of the dark X shaped mark.
Galanthus Looking around Outward facing double flowers held horizontally-on pedicel. Small narrow ovary.Outer segments long pointed. Inner segments well rounded,neat ruff narrowly joined inverted “V” with green line towards-separate basal mark .
Galanthus Long drop  One of the largest flowering snowdrops altough the size of the flower depends greatly on the size of the respond well to de addition of fertilizer
Galanthus Lode star
Galanthus Lord monostictus For many years this was sold mistakenly as Galanthus caucasicus. This beautiful species with a convolute grey leaf flowers from November to January.
Galanthus Longstowe
Galanthus Louise Ann Bromley Strong with attractive flowers.Leaves,broad,erect-arching,grey green.outer segments long broad,bluntly pointed,inner segments slightly waisted dark green mark apex almost to base.
Galanthus Madeleine  Yes  Plicatus. Good vigorous yellow,ovary greenish yellow.leaves bright green, plicate edges.Joe Sharman 2002Named for his niece  €25.00
Galanthus Maidwell L  Yes An Oliver Wyatt selected clone from Maidwell Hall. Tall broad-leaved G. elwesii. Well defined x shaped mark on inner segments.  € 9.00
 Galanthus Magnet  Yes  A robust old cultivar which still retains a charm due to its long pedicel. Erect, tall, narrow, green leaves. Outer segments are bluntly oval in shape and the inner segments are broad with a solid, sharply angled, green mark. € 5.00
Galanthus Major Pam For many years known as Major pam Double or Pamsky Double this plant is similar to Flore Pleno, exept for its unique flowers
Galanthus Margorie Brown  Yes /Few  An older variety of G.elwes just a small mark on the lower part of the inner perianth segments.Broad glaucous leaves with a blue cast on the foliage  €8.00
Galanthus Marks Tall  Yes  € 8.00
Galanthus Maximus
Galanthus Melanie Broughton  Yes/Few First noticed in the gardens at Anglesey Abbey in 1998 and named after the daughter of Lord Fairhaven. A mid to late season bloomer with tall sculptured flowers, slightly chubby in outline with wide spread outer segments that are thick and lustrous above wide blue-grey leaves  € 30.00
Galanthus Merlin  Yes One of the best known cultivars with all-green inner segments. Good foliage which is strongly channeled and glaucous, with variably explicative margins. Considered to be a hybrid of G. elwesii and g.plicatus  € 12.00
Galanthus Modern Art Dating back to the 1950s this highly distinct snowdrop has a large, leafy, upright spate and rather stiff, narrowish outer segments well shaded with green both at the base and tip
Galanthus Mighty atom  Outstanding,strong growing,later snowdrop in Mighty Atom group.Very large,white rounded flowers.Leaves broad,erect,grey.Outer segments clawed,inner segments in curved,ridged,dark-green inverted”V” at apex,ofen with one or two white veins.
Galanthus Monostictus  Yes Gal elwesii var Monostictus was named by P.D.Sell in 1996 based on material cultivated at the UBG, Cambridge  € 10.00
Galanthus Millers Late elwesii var.monostictus Elongated flowers,arching spathe,leaves supervolute,arching.Outer segments long,lightly ridged and textured.inner segments broad green inverted”U” at apex.late one of the last to flower.
Galanthus Monostictus Var G Handel
Galanthus Mr Courages Early
Galanthus Mr Walten
Galanthus Mrs Backhouse nr 12 Possibly a hybrid between G.nivalis and G.plicatus from the garden of Mr and Mrs R Backhouse of Sutton Court, Hereford. Notable for its large flowers.
Galanthus Mrs Mc Namara  Yes few syn. ‘Milkwood’. This is an exceptional snowdrop. Flowers in late December, and originated from the mother-in-law of Dylan Thomas, Mrs McNamara. A tall, handsome, elegant snowdrop; a firm favorite of mine.  € 10.00
Galanthus Mrs Thomson RARE. This is a striking plant and is keenly sought after. A robust hybrid of medium height, its freakishness is pleasantly erratic and does not detract from the appearance of the clump. It tends to throw 2 flowers from separate pedicles on the same scape. Often a second scape is produced with a single flower. Discovered in 1950 by Mrs N.G. Thompson of Escrick, York.
Galanthus Narwhal  Another G.Walrus`- Type snowdrop with outward-facing flowers.Outer segments,very long,thin,in curved,with green marks at apex,paler at base.Inner segments small ruff,marked green,late flowering well into April
Galanthus Nathalie Garton  Yes Few A G. elwesii hybrid with semi-double flowers. Of good rounded substance. It is named after the late Natalie Garton of Ramsden in Oxfordshire, who distributed it from her beautiful garden before her death in 1996. Our thanks to Lallie Cox for letting us have our original stock of this snowdrop  € 14.00
Galanthus Neil Frazer  Yes Few E.A. Bowles considered this to be a worthwhile snowdrop. It is slim and medium height with an inner segment marking which is a rounded wide U, closely matching G.Sraffan.
Galanthus Octopussy The outer four perianth segments of this double G Nivalis variety resemble thin tentackles. Probably one of the largest and most attractive in this group.possibly the result of a cross between Walrus and Sharlockii
Galanthus Opheilia  Yes A fine Greatorex double. First to be distributed and easy to grow. A neat fully double flower on a slender pedicel. On of the earliest greatorex doubles to flower. Every collection should include it.  € 10.00
Galanthus Oreana ex Janis Ruksans
Galanthus Paddy`s Ketton  Yes /Few  Substantial and good with large flowers.Outer segments long,well shaped.inner segments good mark.vigorous  February  €10.00
Galanthus Paucyflorum
Galanthus Penelope Ann
Galanthus Peg Sharples  Yes / Few Possibly the best Cultivar in this division, “ Peg Sharples” is extremely valuable for its late flowering habit  € 8.00
Galanthus Percy Picton Deserving pride of place, but somewhere not to windy! a very long pedicel and arching stem means that it is hardly ever still. A lovely bright green inner X marking.
Galanthus Peshmenii Autumn flowering needs a warm sheltered site,well drained
Galanthus Peter gatehouse  Yes Few  A very early flowering type of G.Elwes with green markings. the earliest of the green varieties,the leaves of witch remain short until after the flowering season,showing the flower off to its best advantage  € 10.00
Galanthus Plicatus Byzantinus  Yes few This Galanthus occurs in a relatively small area in North west eren Turkey .Flowering December to march in cultivation  € 5.00
Galanthus Plicatus Warham  Yes few  € 8.00
Galanthus Phantomas
Galanthus Pride of the mill From Daphne Chappell’s Mill House garden in the early 1990s. A G. gracilis hybrid, possibly with G. plicatus. The inner segments are darkly marked, especially at the tip and they flare outwards. The outer segments are thick and rounded under a yellowish ovary. Early flowering
Galanthus Primrose Warburg 2007 One of the most coveted of all snowdrops .this supper G.Plicatus has a good yellow marking and ovary
Galanthus Pusey Greentips  Yes In cultivation since 1938. Outermost whorl usually aberrant.A double form with green tips to the outer segments. Charming and becoming scarse.  € 5.00
Galanthus Regina Olgae Vernalis Green leaved species and distributed by Sir Fredrich Stearn. Interestingly, no known cultivars.
Galanthus Regina Olgae Early re ex Janis ruksans  Yes /Few One form of Queen Olga’s Snowdrop was notable for always being the first of our forms to flower, usually in September.
It has thus been segregated and cloned up, as a notable addition both to the autumn garden and the range of forms available.
Galanthus Regina Olgae Christine
Galanthus Regina Olgae Forma Calabria
Galanthus Rev Hailstone  Yes A large hybrid found at Anglesey Abbey and named after the rector of the time at the local church. Robust. 30cm  € 25.00
Galanthus Richard Ayres  Yes Few A magnificent full double snowdrop from Anglesey Abbey. Probably the tallest of the supervolute doubles. At Anglesey Abbey it grows to 30cm. The flowers can have variable numbers of outer segments (3-6 commonly) and the markings on the inner segments can also vary. Vigorous and forms a clump quickly.  € 10.00
Galanthus Rizehensis  Yes Few Green leaved species and distributed by Sir Fredrich Stearn. Interestingly, no known cultivars. Found around the black sea in higher rainfall forests of north-east Turkey and Georgia  € 10.00
Galanthus Robin Hood  Yes  few First mentioned by James Allen in 1891. Highly regarded, a tall snowdrop, upright in leaf, stem and spathe. Beautifully shaped sparkling flowers held on a short pedicel, give a distinct poise.  €17.00
Galanthus Rodmarton  yes few Found by the late Mary Biddulph in her garden at Rodmartin Manor in the 1970s. On of the tallest of double hybrids and one of the earliest to flower.In its immature phase it closely resembles G.Jaquenetta`with perhaps,even more inner segments and fly- away green tipped outer segments.  € 17.50
Galanthus Rogers rough elwesii var. monostictus  Yes /Few  Large,wel shaped flowers,leaves supervolute,erect,broad,grey.Outer segments long,rounded,pointed.Inner segments broad mid green “U” to “V”at apex..February  € 15.00
Galanthus Ruby Baker  Excellent Irish snowdrop.Pale Yellow green ovary and attractive,well shaped flowers.Leaves supervolute ,erect,broad,glaucous. Outer segments broad.Inner segments single spot either side of apex,two merging ovals at base.David and Ruby Baker ,in Robin and Cecily Hall`s garden,Primrose Hill,Lucan 1994,named by Robin Hall for Ruby Baker .
Galanthus Ruth Birchall  Elegant flowers.Leaves erect,broad,Grey green.Outer segments,broad,in curved margins ,pointed.Inner segments clasping,tube like,wide dark green filled in “U”at the apex,to half of segment .
Galanthus Sally Pasmore  Yes/ A late plicate selection named after the owner in whose Somerset garden it arose. long lasting and elegant outer petals clasp nearly all green washed inner segments  € 12.00
Galanthus Samuel Arnot   Yes A lovely tall snowdrop, sweet scented each bulb producing a perfect flower borne on a strong stem. the outer perianth segments are one inch long and pure white.  € 4.00
Galanthus Sandersii
Galanthus Saint Anne`s A late slender flower with more delicacy than some. The narrow tapering outer segments opening to reveal long inner segments marked top and bottom. The leaves break from their sheath a little off the ground, quite unusually. Found in Norfolk but named after the church near St Anne’s Manor, Sutton Bonnington, Nottinghamshire
Galanthus Sentinel  Yes /Few Another find by Daphne Chappell, this time at Sutton Court, Herefordshire in 1994. A strong growing plant, often with two scapes, each with enlarged tips, under which the big flowers hang. These are notable for their heavily ridged outer surfaces giving them a two tone effect. The top and bottom inner markings are clearly divided by white  € 17.00
Galanthus Seagull Probably a snowdrop that has not gained its justified place in the snowdrop hierarchy, it looks to much like the better known Mighty Atom, but it might even be better
Galanthus Sharlockii Characterized by the thin extended split spathe,witch extend over the flower, and the outer petals brushed in green
Galanthus Sibbertoft Magnet A form of G. elwesii aquired from Primrose Warburg’s garden (where it grew on the ‘Sibbertoft Bank’) with the dangling flower supported by a long arching pedicel, the spathe above nearly as long. A leafy plant with a noticeably long ovary, the inner segment revealing a darker heart-like shape and a paler smudge
Galanthus South Hayes  One of the most unusual snowdrops in terms of shape and markings! A collectors dream. it was found in the garden at South Hayes and is almost certainly a seedling from Plicatus Trim.
Galanthus Sibbertoft Manor A fine plicatus hybrid considered one of the best. This has broad, glaucous foliage and exceptionally large flowers held on stout stems. The petals are very substantial both in appearance and texture, the outer reaching over 3cm long.A vigorous and strong-growing plant, this originated in South Hayes, Oxford rather than Sibbertoft itself. Distributed by R. McKenzie
Galanthus Sir Herbert maxwell
Galanthus sickle  yes few From the late Phil Ballard (of the Ballard nursery near Malvern) who it is thought named the form after its distinctive spathe, sweeping scimitar-like above the long flower, its inner segments darkly marked. The foliage is broad, some find it slow to grow but well worth the effort.  €15.00
Galanthus Spring green  Yes Few  Leaves supervolute,large,long,broad,arching,well developed at flowering.Outer segments clawed.Inner segments large green,”H” to”X” mark across tree quarters of segment,sometimes two marks with”V” at apex two paler spots at base
Galanthus Silverwells Atkinsii look-alike, believed to have occurred at Edrom Nursery, Berwickshire. Less triangular flower outline and lack of aberrant segments.
Galanthus Skyward
Galanthus Snow white elw  Yes  A dutch selection said to be free flowering and later than most G. Elwesii  € 5.00
Galanthus Sophie North Originally found by Dr E Stevens in an old garden in Dunblane in the 1970s. A superb, strong-growing compact plant with good sized flowers. In time this is capable of making very large bulbs and two scapes per bulb, though you must expect less until the plant is well established.
An excellent new introduction making a splendid display of large flowers on short, stocky stems which, when seen in their naturally, tight clump, are very opulent and showy.Individual flowers are thick-textured with a strong and prominent bright green marking on the inner segments.
Galanthus Spindelstone surprise  Yes A strong and vigorous yellow hybrid. Found in 1997 by Ron McBeath and Jim Jermyn at Spindlestone Northumberland. A chance find which appears to be a cross between G. plicatus and G. nivalis Sandersii  € 25.00
Galanthus Straffan  Yes A strong growing clone which makes glaucous foliage and pristine large white flowers with an inverted green “horseshoe” on the inner segments.When established it then makes a second later scape, and flower, from each of the leaf pairs, doubling the display and considerably extending the flowering season.  € 10.00
Galanthus Sutton Courtenay A form of G. gracilis distributed from the garden at South Hayes but originating from the garden of Nancy Lindsay in the village of the same name. It has a very early flowering habit, with glaucous leaves that are quite short at the time of flowering. The flowers are large and rounded under a bright yellowish olive ovary with an extended spathe above.
Galanthus Titania  Hybr double  Good,regular greatorex of the best.full,neat,rounded flowers,rarely aberrant segments.Leaves semi-erect,spreading,narrow,lichtly explicative,glaucecentshort at flowering Outer segments clawed.Inner segments neat ruff,green inverted”U” at apex
Galanthus Tatiana
Galanthus The O Mahoney  See Gal Coolballintaggart
Galanthus The Pearl RARE. An elegant flower, beautifully pendant, (hence the name from the drop-pearl flower shape). The inner petals are apple green. The wide leaves are dark green.
Galanthus Three Ships RARE. Classic snowdrop flowering early, at Christmas. Found by John Morley under an ancient cork oak at Henham Park in 1984
Galanthus Tree leaves  Large attractive,unusually shaped flowers.Leaves supervolute.errect,regulary tree grey-green,glaucous.Outer segments long,rounded,tapering to point at apex.inner segments green inverted”V”at apex
Galanthus The wizard  Not available new in collection
Galanthus Tinkerbell
Galanthus Tiny Tim niv Although, as Matt Bishop points out, the name suggests something smaller than the reality, this is still a significantly smaller plant than normal nivalis with narrower leaves (5-7mm) and a generally smaller overall appearance.Not a miniature plant, but certainly smaller and quite charming in a clump of elfin, 10-12cm tall stems bearing 15mm flowers. It is a later to flower than most other clones and is useful in extending the season of snowdrops in the garden.
Galanthus Transcaucasicus Transcaucasicus is scarse in gardens and not much is known about its cultivation requirements , altough it is probaly safe tu assume that it is hrdy in the british isles and Ireland
Galanthus Trumps  Yes Few  An early flowering seedling ,with outer perianth segments stick out almost horizontally after a while.Found in the garden of John Morley
Galanthus Trym Original mutant whose outer segments approach the shape and marking of an inner segment.the whole effect looks natural.found in Westburry on Trym ,a northern suburb of Bristol.It is a pretty plant with a special place in snowdrop history.
Galanthus Trimposter  Vigorous,shorter G.Trym seedling.Beautifully shaped flower,erect scape. Leaves erect,broad,grey-blue.Outer segments wide Paddle shaped,splayed,inverted green”V”at apex.Inner segments shorter,upright inverted green “V” at apex RHS Preliminary commendation 2011
Galanthus Trymlet Selected from seedlings of G>Plicatus “Trym” by the late Kathleen Beddington and named by Sue and Wol Staines. Both the inner and outer segments have beautiful pale green markings. A much coveted Snowdrop
Galanthus Tubby Merlin Superb, regular flowered double that rarely shows aberrant segments. Narrow widely splayed foliage.
Galanthus Upcher  Yes /Few  Attractive small flowered plicatus. Leaves green,slightly explicative. Outer segments strongly clawed.inner segments tube like dark green inverted “V” at apex  € 6.00
Galanthus Viridipices  Yes A large well tempered Snowdrop.Outer segments have a green blotch at the tip.the spate is large and forms a hood to the flower.  €4.00
Galanthus Vera Trum  Attractive,large,puckered flowers,upright scapes. Leaves wide,minus plicate folding.Outer segments Rounded,bluntly pointed.inner segments flared narrow green “V” at apex. John Morley, under oak tree.
Galanthus Warham  Older cultivar.Leaves large,semi- erect,bright -green,glaucous, paler median stripe.Outer segments thick.inner segments broad inverted”U”or”V” at apex  € 6.00
Galanthus Warwickshire Gremlin  good ,vigorous and often two flowers to a scape when established.leaves broad,grey -green.Outer segments long,spoon shaped,bluntly pointed.Inner segments inverted “U” at apex
Galanthus Wasp What a weirdo! very narrow outer segments,suggestive of wings combine with narrow inner segments whose double mark has the look of a striped body.One militant anti galanthophile uses this plant as evidence we`re all raving mad….
Galanthus Wendys Gold RARE. A yellow plicatus from Wandlebury Ring discovered and distributed by Bill Clarke. Shows conspicuously large yellow markings on the inner segments, but the intensity of the colour can vary. Bright yellow ovaries. Superb and vigorous.
Galanthus Wonston Double Originally from the former home of the Hon. Lewis Palmer, Winchester. An attractive double, numerous tightly packed inner segments produce a pompon effect in the mature-phase flowers.
Galanthus Washfield Titania
Galanthus Washfield Colesborne  Hybr cultivar  Beautiful flowers on strong scapes. Leaves supervolute,erect to spreading,broad,flat explicative,grey -glaucous. Outer segments bluntly pointed claw.inner segment tube like,green mark across segment almost to base. seedling of Elisabeth Strangman`s-Washfield Nursery  `s
Galanthus Warwickshire Gremlin elw  A robust snowdrop,with good reputation for making two flowers per bulb once established.
Galanthus White Wings  Yes /Few  € 5.00
Galanthus Walrus One of the great eccentrics of the snowdrop world,”Walrus has long,Linear,green shaded,tusk like outer segments,it remains in short supply. Selected in the 1960s as a seedling at Maidwell Hall, Northampton shire
Galanthus Warham Rectory Vigorous and easy. Origin unsure, several stories abound. Maybe it was the Rector of Warham in Norfolk who sent the flowers to E.A.Bowles in 1916, who then named this excellent variety.
Galanthus Washfield Warham G. finale. One of the best clones of this division, it is a medium sized cultivar with broad widely splayed, decidedly glaucous foliage and large quality flowers displayed during late February.
Galanthus White Dream  Yes /Few  Similar to normal G.Nivalis but more rounded,strikingly white flowers.Leaves,unusual,erect.Slender,prominent pale median stripe.outer segments rounded,in curved pointed.inner segments green inverted “U” at  apex. grows and bulk up well € 5.00
Galanthus White Swan  Yes /Few  Elegant Greatorex double.Large triangular flowers,tall scapes. Leaves arching,lax,flat  to explicative. Outer segments sometimes green lines at apex.inner segment ruff,outer whorl often aberrant semi circular to heart-shaped mark  € 15.00
Galanthus Whopper  See Gal.Cicely Hall
Galanthus Yaffle  Yes Few  An early flowering snowdrop.this form of G.Plicatus is very light green in color and can have a yellowish tinge in sunlight  €25.00
Galanthus Zwanenburg  An exceedingly strong variety of G.Elwes with olive green markings witch can be relied upon to produce two flower stems





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