The snowdrop web site is now open for orders

I am delighted  to announce the updated Snowdrop list 2014 –  2015 is now completed and snowdrops can be ordered from now  to be hold  and saved for You until spring when the will be dispatched  in the green usual during March early April  depending on the weather .

Please it is advised before ordering to send me a contact to make sure the one You would like to order are still available ,as some snowdrops are in short supply

As You will notice there are some additions made and the list is growing and hope the will become available in the future.

some more snowdrops might become available during the season  and will be added on the list later.

If You would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact me

Wishing You all a pleasant snowdrop season

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News letter snowdrops season 2013 -2014

When making a start to the update on the website this Autumn I had no idea it would take many hours of work to add all the snowdrops who were introduced for the last years to include in the already extensive list of Snowdrops I grow in the garden at present.
With the number of different snowdrops I grow it looks if I can call myself one of the galantophiles who can’t resist to have a go at many off the shows to look for some bulbs to add to the collection , resulting to bring home and find some space to get hem settled and hope to get a nice little clump in time in return.

Usual find some valuable space under my best Hellebores ,were I find, the Snowdrops like to grow, and show off so well during the spring when in flower ,set off against the fresh leaves and many different colors of the Hellebores .
It always is a pleasure to stroll around the garden during the cold weather to see the contrast of the Snowdrops with the Lenten roses, and spy for the different varieties of Snowdrops , I never get bored to go and look at the different markings , it makes the winter with its short dark day’s so much more bearable and look forward to some spring to get on the way.
The Snowdrops I grow are included in the list to give the snowdrop enthusiast an idea what I have here in the garden , although not already available ,I hope to get some to spare and make them available in the near future .

The shop list will only show the bulbs who are available for purchase.
Although I would advice to contact me first before going ahead with some order of bulbs You would like to purchase ,as some snowdrops are in short supply , I do not propagate by chipping the bulbs, the bulbs are just giving the time underground to multiply on there own will, some more quicker then others. Just seek my advice on availability and I will reply immediately on Your request.
I follow a policy of first come first served .

Usual start with the shipping in early March after flowering depending on the weather.
Sorry I do not sell bulbs in the autumn in dry form ,its my believe the snowdrops transplant better when planted in the green ,the old traditional way.
I hope to take some more pictures when the snowdrops come into flower and make additions to the ones already showing in the gallery , it could become a future reference for what is available from the website.

I hope You all enjoy the list of snowdrops and find some who will find the way to Your own garden for years to look forward every spring to watch them in flower.

I like to recommend to anyone serious interesting in snowdrops to refer to some off the books on the market available.

A Monograph of Cultivated Galanthus

Matt Bishop , Aaron Davis , John Grimshaw.


Sneewklokjes – Snowdrops
Hanneke Van Dijk

Gunter Waldorf

A Gardeners Guide

Freda Cox

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Launch of our new Website

We have just launched our Snowdrop website which will enable our customers to order from our range of snowdrops.

We will keep our product list up to date so that the customers will know what is available in March.

All purchases can be made using  Paypal.

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