Galanthus List

Galanthus list of our current collection we grow. Cultivars and species 2015 / 2016

Galanthus marked with Yes are available,more might be available during spring, we will email our updated list on your request
Galanthus Amy Doncaster
Galanthus Angelique
Galanthus Anglesey Abbey
Galanthus Anne of Geierstein
Galanthus Armine
Galanthus Augustus plic
Galanthus Bertram Anderson
Galanthus Bess
Galanthus Bill Bishop
Galanthus Blonde Inge
Galanthus Bloomer
Galanthus Bobette elw
Galanthus Bowles Large
Galanthus Brenda Troyle
Galanthus Byfield special
Galanthus Castle Green
Galanthus Castlegar
Galanthus Catherine Mc Cauly
Galanthus Cedrics Prolific
Galanthus Christmas wish Niv Ex J.Ruksans
Galanthus Cicely Hall
Galanthus Colossus
Galanthus Comet
Galanthus Compton Court
Galanthus Coolballintaggert
Galanthus Cordelia
Galanthus Cornwood
Galanthus Chedworth
Galanthus Cowhouse Green
Galanthus Crimean Emerald
Galanthus Curly
Galanthus David Shackleton
Galanthus Diggory
Galanthus Ding Dong
Galanthus Dreycott Greentip
Galanthus Drummonds Giant
Galanthus Elfin
Galanthus Eliot Hodgkin
Galanthus Ermine House
Galanthus Elwesii
Galanthus Envy
Galanthus Farringdon Double
Galanthus Fieldgate Superb
Galanthus Fiona`s Gold
Galanthus Flora Plena
Galanthus Forence Baker
Galanthus Fosteri
Galanthus G 71
Galanthus Galatea
Galanthus Gerard Parker
Galanthus Ginns Imperari
Galanthus Godfrey Owen
Galanthus Gracilis High Down
Galanthus Green Fields
Galanthus Green Man
Galanthus Green Brush
Galanthus Green Teeth
Galanthus Haydn
Galanthus Henry’s White Lady
Galanthus Heffelump
Galanthus Hill Poe
Galanthus Hippolyta
Galanthus Hobson’s Choice
Galanthus Imbolc
Galanthus Icicle
Galanthus Irish Green
Galanthus James Backhouse
Galanthus Jaquenetta
Galanthus Jessica
Galanthus John Gray
Galanthus Kildare
Galanthus Kite
Galanthus Ladochechianus
Galanthus Lapwing
Galanthus Lady Beatrice Stanley
Galanthus Lady Elphinstone
Galanthus Lambroke Greensleaves
Galanthus Lavinia
Galanthus Lerinda
Galanthus Limetree
Galanthus Little Ben
Galanthus Little Dancer
Galanthus Little John
Galanthus Long-drop
Galanthus Lord monostictus
Galanthus Magnet
Galanthus Maidwell L
Galanthus Major Pam
Galanthus Marks Tall
Galanthus Maximus
Galanthus Melanie Broughton
Galanthus Merlin
Galanthus Modern Art
Galanthus Monostictus Var G Handel
Galanthus Mrs Backhouse nr 12
Galanthus Mrs Mc Namara
Galanthus Mrs Thomson
Galanthus Nathalie Garton
Galanthus Neil Frazer
Galanthus Opheilia
Galanthus Oreanda ex Janis Ruksans
Galanthus Paddy`s Ketton
Galanthus Peg Sharples
Galanthus Percy Picton
Galanthus Peshmenii
Galanthus Plicatus Subsp- Byzantinus
Galanthus Primrose Warburg
Galanthus Pride of the mill
Galanthus Primrose Warburg 2007
Galanthus Pusey Greentips
Galanthus Regina Olgae Vernalis
Galanthus Regina Olgae Early re ex Janis Ruksans
Galanthus Rev Hailstone
Galanthus Richard Ayres
Galanthus Rizehensis
Galanthus Robin Hood
Galanthus Rodmarton
Galanthus Regina Olgae Forma Calabria
Galanthus Ruby Baker
Galanthus Sally Pasmore
Galanthus Samuel Arnot
Galanthus Saint Anne`s
Galanthus Sentinel
Galanthus Seagull
Galanthus Sharlockii
Galanthus Sibbertoft Magnet
Galanthus Sibbertoft Manor
Galanthus Sickle
Galanthus Silverwells
Galanthus Snow white
Galanthus Sophie North
Galanthus Spindelstone surprise
Galanthus Straffan
Galanthus Sutton Courtenay
Galanthus Tatiana
Galanthus The Pearl
Galanthus Three Ships
Galanthus Tree leaves
Galanthus Tiny Tim
Galanthus Transcaucasicus
Galanthus Trumps
Galanthus Trym
Galanthus Trymlet
Galanthus Tubby Merlin
Galanthus Viridipices
Galanthus Warham
Galanthus Wasp
Galanthus Wendys Gold
Galanthus Wonston Double
Galanthus Warham Like
Galanthus Warwickshire Gemni
Galanthus White Wings
Galanthus Walrus
Galanthus Warham Rectory
Galanthus Washfield Warham
Galanthus White Dreams
Galanthus White Swan
Galanthus Farrington Double
Galanthus Diggory
Galanthus Cowhouse green
Galanthus Ailwin
Galanthus Backhouse Spectacle
Galanthus Belle de Wallonie
Galanthus Cross Eyes
Galanthus David Baker
Galanthus Daphne Scissors
Galanthus Danube Star
Galanthus Donald Sims Early
Galanthus Dymoc
Galanthus Devon Marble
Galanthus Fatty Puff
Galanthus Fly Fishing
Galanthus Forge Double
Galanthus Galadriel
Galanthus Gabriel
Galanthus Hambuds Orchard
Galanthus Kyre Park
Galanthus Lodestar
Galanthus Longstowe
Galanthus Lord Lieutenant
Galanthus Marjorie Brown
Galanthus Phantomas
Galanthus Ray Cobb
Galanthus Rodger Rough
Galanthus South Hayes
Galanthus Sir Herbert Maxwell
Galanthus Upcher
Galanthus Yvonne Hay
Galanthus Zwanenburg
Galanthus Penelope
Galanthus Mighty atom
Galanthus Nivalis Flora Pleno “easter Parade”
Galanthus John Long
Galanthus Alison Hillary
Galanthus Richard Ayres
Galanthus Millers late
Galanthus Selina Cords ” Sharlockii”
Galanthus Bolu Shades
Galanthus Fensted End
Galanthus Lowic
Galanthus Gloria
Galanthus Madeleine
Galanthus Fred Giant
Galanthus Trimmings
Galanthus Trimposter
Galanthus Peter Gatehouse
Galanthus Blue bury Tart
Galanthus Courteenhall
Galanthus Chantry Green Twins