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The updated list of additions and the snowdrops offered to order for sale is now completed and can be reserved by ordering .Shipping will commence from March – April depending on the weather conditions. More snowdrop bulbs will become available for sale later.

Please it is advised before ordering to send me a contact to make sure the one You would like to order are still available ,as some snowdrops are in short supply

please cheque for updates .

Many thanks .

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I am delighted  to announce the updated Snowdrop list 2015–  2016  is now completed and snowdrops can be ordered from now  to be hold  and saved for You until spring when the will be dispatched  in the green usual during March early April  depending on the weather .


As You will notice there are some additions made and the list is growing and hope the will become available in the future.

some more snowdrops might become available during the season  and will be added on the list later.

If You would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact me

Wishing You all a pleasant snowdrop season



Remembering as a child living in Belgium when the winters were still cold and usual the soil was covered with a blanket of snow, my parents had a small garden where they grow some flowers. I remember seeing some clumps of ordinary snowdrops Nivalis standing heads above the snow and enduring the cold air, and those images always remained with me through my life.

Much later in life, a neighbour introduced me to her garden, where the driveway to the house was a carpet of snowdrops. Every spring the little white caps are standing above the green lawn for weeks without failing. It was the lady of the house who got me interested in getting some snowdrops under-planted with my then collection of Helleborus, and they really thrived, complimenting the different colours of the lenten-roses with their elegant white.

Thus began my journey to become a snowdrop collector.  A few visits to Belgium friends, brought me some of my first cultivars and needless to say, getting hooked was unavoidable, with the result of ending up with around 200 different cultivars and growing.

From the first ordinary Galanthus Nivalis to the current collection, they flower through the Autumn and Winter months, some as early as October through to April, which give lots of interest during the otherwise long winter time and reason enough tho get active outside during that time.

I am fortunate to have  soil, where the snowdrops thrive very well and are happy to flourish on there own.I don’t like to disturb them, when in a dormant state and only make divisions for replanting or sale during early Spring, usual March to April depending on the seasonal weather conditions.

For the real Galanthophile I recommend the following books:

The Genus Galanthus And Snowdrops by Matt Bishop, Aaron Davis and John Grimshaw,  2001.

Galantomania by Hanneke van Dijk – Illustrated with beautiful pictures.

Please note

All the Snowdrop bulbs we are offering will be dispatched in the green by the end off February early march depending on the weather conditions.
Please note some of the snowdrops are in short supply, to avoid disappointment You are advised to contact us to get an update before ordering on line.

With best wishes and many thanks to visit our web site Field of Blooms on line.

If you would like to be informed when our snowdrops become available for last minute order not listed, please leave Your email address and we contact you.

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